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What is LG4Me?

LG4ME is the name we use to express all of the advantages you can experience as an LG employee. It's designed to show you exactly what's in it for you: a friendly yet professional work culture, opportunities to develop your talent, benefits for every part of your life, corporate social responsibility programs, and a setting that is diverse, fair, and fun.


What is LG4Me

Are you wondering what LG offers that other employers can't match? The answer is LG4ME: a combination of unique reasons to become part of our team. Ranging from the personal to the professional to the environmental, these are just some of strongest motivating factors when the best professionals choose to join LG.

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Onboarding &

Corporate Social Responsibility

Career Path


Recognizing that people bring our organization to life, we encourage new employees to immerse themselves in LG and discover how they can best contribute to our success. We'll ask you to take some time and understand our customers, embrace our future, and learn all aspects of our business. To be proactive when identifying learning experiences that support your development and growth. And to seek opportunities to get involved in activities and business connections with your new colleagues.



LG greatly values its employees as the most important factor in our success. Which is why we offer a set of benefits that we believe are among our industry's very best. By offering advantages that enhance the quality of your life, and that of your family, we inspire even greater loyalty and stronger performance on the part of our talented teams.

LG Support for

Financial and Domestic Security

  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Domestic moving costs
  • Congratulatory/Condolence financial support

LG Support for

Childbirth & New Moms

  • Maternity lounge/nursing room
  • Maternity leave

LG Support for

Education & Career Advancement

  • Scholarships
  • Educational programs
  • Special lectures (healthcare & financial)

LG Support for

Leisure and Personal Development

  • Personal-development programs
  • Paid time off
  • Employee product purchase program

LG Support for

Healthier Living

  • Health insurance: LG pays 100% of all medical, dental, and vision premiums
  • Employment insurance
  • Industrial accident compensation insurance
  • Regular group insurance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Counseling center
  • Health and wellness program


Career Advancement

To build a meaningful career, you need the resources and support of an organization that is growing, strong, and committed to your development. You'll find all of those advantages at LG, where we realize that it's important to your growth - as well as ours - that you succeed.


Corporate Social Responsibility/ Community Outreach

To maintain alignment with our "Jeong-do" philosophy, we are determined to do things the right way, in every way possible. This includes how we treat others, and how we treat the world that we will pass on to future generations. At LG, it's about sustainability, environmental awareness, and helping to ensure that everyone has what they need to live longer, happier lives.



Valuing the different perspective essential to success, the team at LG strives to ensure that we hire and retain individuals based solely on the quality of their talent, ambition, ideas, and results. To make this happen, we have declared a labor policy against discrimination, facilitating an environment in which individuals with diverse values and beliefs can work together as a team. We are an equal opportunity employer: Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled.

LG participates in Veterans outreach in various states such as MI and KY (Fort Campbell).

LG attends the career fairs and conferences hosted by SACC.